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Myluxepoint our multi-channel platform is aimed at giving visibility, notoriety, and positioning of strategic content of your business or product.

International Business

We are currently present in 28 destinations / countries and in origin to make campaigns, news / posts as a means of communication with a high diffusion, therefore an ROI at the level of International markets where we are present through our own agencies and correspondents, following our international expansion policy – MyLuxePoint Group: United Arab Emirates, United States, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, Panama, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, England, France, Italy and Spain.

Why & CEO Myluxepoint

CEO Magazine Myluxepoint  is a premium aspirational lifestyle and business magazine.

Magazine CEO MyLuxePoint is a premium publication aimed at all the people who make up a company at managerial level, from a CEO, general director, president, founders, etc. This magazine collects people and their professional activity together with their way of seeing and understanding the business world, business achievements, lifestyle with great business aspirations and short and long-term goals.

As a reference, we want to inform our readers and followers, so that they can see the attitudes, leadership, tenacity, and great effort that goes into running a company. For this reason, from our publication and Web Portal we intend to inspire, motivate and inform the most successful business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs in the world through our content. Our publication offers news, interviews and articles on the most influential leaders in business and beyond, focusing on current stories, exclusive content and in-depth articles that motivate our readers.

The objective in MyLuxePoint Group and by extension from the Web Portal – CEO, is to inspire leadership and innovation in the global business elite. Rather than detailing the minutiae of small businesses, we focus on the inspiration behind the world’s most successful companies and their leaders.

With our magazine in its printed version with 30,000 copies (20,000 directed to company and multinational executives, the remaining 10,000 are published in Spanish to go to the directors of large corporations), and extensive interactive On-Line replication in content in two languages, English and another 100% in Spanish, thus we manage to reach the maximum number of companies, with an online presence, our editorial team obtains and creates content that attracts and stimulates our influential, demanding and prosperous audience. Offering business leaders an opportunity to delve into either the professional and personal lives of other business leaders and explore the virtues and aspirational lifestyle enjoyed by our distinguished audience.

MyLuxePoint CEO magazine, in its two Interactive ON-Line versions, is distributed / sent to more than 150,000 (CEO, Founder, President, General Director and most prominent executive directors), international executives who trust the CEO to offer them relevant content and of interest, which motivates today’s leaders, they take into account the great complexity and effort that is carried out in a position of this maximum relevance with very marked attitudes and continuous training.

We focus on the different areas that Magazine CEO includes:

Aspirational content

Interviews with the CEO, Founder, CEO or President, managers within the different areas of maximum business responsibility.

  • Success stories
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability
  • Investment and wealth management
  • Women in business
  • Billionaires
  • Webinars Premium
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