Global Soft Power Summit 2021

BRAND FINANCE – Global Soft Power Summit 2021

25 February 2021, 12:00–16:00

2020 was a year like no other, putting the nations of the world to the test – from the impact of COVID-19 on economic activity and immediate GDP forecasts, to diminished long-term prospects. A nation’s soft power is, arguably, more important than ever.

Global Soft Power Summit 2021

Global Soft Power Summit 2021

Join us at Brand Finance’s Global Soft Power Summit 2021, hosted as a fully virtual event from the renowned Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster, London. Practitioners and researchers of soft power will come together to explore the impact COVID-19 has had on nations around the globe, and to discuss predictions for the future following the turbulence of the last twelve months.

Hosted in partnership with BBC Global News, the Summit will feature a presentation of the results of the Global Soft Power Index 2021 by Brand Finance – the world’s most comprehensive research study on perceptions of nation brands, surveying opinions of over 75,000 people in more than 100 countries.

Due to governmental restrictions regarding COVID-19, this year’s Global Soft Power Summit will be hosted online. Click the link to register for the event.

The inaugural Global Soft Power Index 2020 report and the findings of last year’s study are free to access online. Our interactive dashboard allows you to explore the results from the survey in maps and charts, rank nations by metrics and statements, and choose data sets to create your own graphs.

To request a preview of your nation’s Global Soft Power Index 2021 results or to enquire about using the data for academic research, please email


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Media partners
BBC Global News


Zeinab Badawi
Journalist and Presenter
BBC World News
Professor Joseph Nye
Harvard University
Carl Bildt
Co-Chair, European Council on Foreign Relations and Former Prime Minister of Sweden
David L Heymann M.D.
Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Rebecca Smith
New Zealand Story Group
His Excellency Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al Gergawi
Minister of Cabinet Affairs
Ministry of Cabinet Affairs of the United Arab Emirates
Tom Tugendhat
Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, UK Parliament
David Haigh
Founder and CEO
Brand Finance

Brand Finance is the world’s leading brand valuation consultancy, with offices in over 20 countries.

Brand Finance bridges the gap between marketing and finance by quantifying the financial value of brands.

Brand Finance helped craft the internationally recognised standard on Brand Valuation – ISO 10668, and the recently approved standard on Brand Evaluation – ISO 20671.
Brand Finance is a chartered accountancy firm regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), and also the first brand valuation consultancy to join the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC).

Brand Finance bridges the gap between marketing and finance by quantifying the financial value of brands. Drawing on expertise in strategy, branding, market research, visual identity, finance, tax, and intellectual property, Brand Finance helps brand owners and investors make the right decisions to maximise brand and business value.
Brand Finance, bridging the gap between marketing and finance.

Founded in 1998 in London by David Haigh,

it is present in Spain directed by Teresa de Lemus.

Madrid´s office has participated in brand valuation reports, marketing ROI analysis and strategic decisions, brand changes after an acquisition, brand strategies to increase market share or as an expert witness in legal procedures on loss of reputation. Some of our Spanish clients have been: Santander, Chupa Chups, Telefónica, Cepsa, Canal de Isabel II, LaLiga among others.

We are different from our technical rigor since we use an internationally endorsed methodology.

Brand Finance helped craft the internationally recognised standard on Brand Valuation – ISO 10668, and the recently approved standard on Brand Evaluation – ISO 20671. The company is part of ICAEW and is the first brand valuation consultant to join the IVSC International Committee on Valuation Standards.

The Brand Finance methodology used in the preparation of the annual rankings on the most valuable and strong brands in the world, is certified by the North American Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB) and complies with the Marketing Metric Audit Protocol (MMAP) audit protocols.).
We are very proud that, since 2020, the UN Global Innovation Index (GII) incorporates our brand value database to create one of the indicators by strengthening the weight of the brand category in its analysis.
We are defined by the slogan, “bridging the gap between marketing and finance” as we study and analyse the impact and role of “brand” in the turnover and value of business. We dedicate all our efforts in valuing the importance of intangible assets, particularly branding, to business results. We help brands study and analyse the benefits of intangible assets as well as the behavior of brand drivers in adding value to marketing and finance teams.


Every year, Brand Finance analyses over 5,000 of the world’s most valuable and strongest brands. Our database is one of our strengths and gives us a profound knowledge of the past, present, and future across sectors, allowing us to predict trends.

Using this plethora of information, we publish over 40 sector rankings and reports every year, publicizing the value of brand to businesses. The Brand Finance Global 500 is our yearly study of the 500 most valuable brands in the world. According to the latest report, SantanderZaraMovistarBBVAEl Corte Inglés, Iberdrola and Mercadona stood out as the most internationally recognized Spanish brands.


Spanish luxury brand, LOEWE, is among the 50 most valuable luxury and premium brands in the world, according to the Brand Finance Luxury & Premium 50 2020 report.
The sector has been highly impacted by the pandemic in both the fall in consumption as well as international mobility restrictions, but LOEWE has managed to overcome and increase its two main brand indicators: brand value and brand strength. LOWE’s brand value has increased by 21.5% since 2019, rising four places in the ranking to the 32nd spot, Valentino, Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace, and Dolce and Gabana in the apparel sector.

Teresa de Lemus, Managing Director, Brand Finance Spain, commented:“The value of the LOEWE brand represents Spain, contributing 0.7 to the total ranking and positioning our nation in the top 10 (rank 8), being the brand that contributes the most to the total sectoral value. This sector value this year is 232.7 billion euros, 10.4% higher than in 2019. “

Without a doubt, the most awaited report in our country is the Brand Finance Spain 100 which analyses the 100 most valuable Spanish brands. The seven brands included in the Global 500 report are joined by Mapfre, Repsol, and CaixaBank which feature in the top 10 nationally.


In addition to corporate brands, we also analyze other intangibles such as the reputation, soft power or influence of nations and country brands, among others. We measure the influence
of countries and the attributes that are most internationally recognized in the Brand Finance Global Soft Power Index report. At the beginning of 2020 we had the presence of Ban Ki Moon, eighth UN Secretary General, at the presentation of the report in London and Oxford. According to the 2020 report, Spain stands out
internationally as the friendliest nation in the world.

The world considers the Spanish to be the nation with the most fun and friendly inhabitants in the world. Those born in the land of quiet lunches, long nights of fun, flamenco, a taste for sharing time together eating or soccer are incredibly popular around the world. This is largely due to the fact that Spain undoubtedly continues to be an international benchmark as a nation of leisure and tourism, a sector that contributed 14.6% to national GDP in 2019.

Overall, Spain ranks 16th out of a total of 60 nations on the Index, with a final score of 47.6 out of 100. Despite the positive results in People & Values, Spain’s performance is not so much in other
areas, such as Governance, International Relations or Education & Science. Recent problems involving Catalonia, problems in building a coalition government, corruption scandals and the persistent effects of the Great Recession are likely to be responsible for these results. Strength and stability at home are obviously a precursor to influence abroad.

Brand Finance Group draws on brand valuation, strategy and knowledge experience to advise brands around the world. Brand Dialogue is the Brand Finance Group company specialized in
building and measuring communication strategies that add greater value to the brand. Supports Brand Finance customers and own customers to effectively design and communicate brand strategies.

“We understand communication as a business lever. We analyze and measure the attributes of the brand strength that act as levers in the communication of each brand and sector. On this analytical basis, we build communication strategies that increase brand value and business sales figure.” Cristina Campos, Managing Director of Brand Dialogue Spain.

Brand Dialogue and Brand Finance are helping clients to solve brand problems using advanced financial assessment techniques and market research analysis to obtain valid information and
recommendations and a solid foundation and basis in values.