Jaume Raventós Monk

General Director Korean Spain
CEO of Ita Mental Health

Ita Mental Health Jaume Raventós Monjo General Director Korean Spain CEO of Ita Mental Health – Korian Spain.- Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Digital Health Association.
“A person who runs a company in the position of CEO has a very important responsibility, work on the prevention and treatment of health, to give people and the planet a better quality of life.”
“We have a unique, proprietary and comprehensive model that works with all pathologies. Our treatment focuses on the person and their environment, with the family being a key player in the recovery process.

We have a multidisciplinary and specialized team (psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, nutritionists, neuropsychologists, social educators and occupational therapists) with the aim of obtaining a high degree of satisfaction and trust from patients, family members and prescribers. We have the largest network of Mental Health centers in Spain with Hospitalization, Day Hospital and Outpatient Centers specialized in the different Mental Health disorders

• What does ITA Salud Mental contribute to today’s society?

We provide experience in the treatment of mental health illnesses through our professionals, and in the most appropriate spaces for the needs of each patient at all times. We also work through our Foundation in the field of prevention and promotion of healthy habits in mental health.
We firmly believe that our contribution should be aimed at both prevention and treatment.

• What mental health problems currently exist? Have any of them increased as a result of the pandemic?

The most prevalent continue to be anxiety and depression. Some disorders have appeared in the child and adolescent population that years ago were not in our centers, such as addictions to technology, or cases of problems related to bullying.
The pandemic has significantly increased mental health problems. Some publications speak of a 200% increase in child-juvenile emergencies, and the impact in adults, in emergencies is greater than 60%, it has also been published that with respect to depression, 3 times more cases have been found and in anxiety 4 times. more than the incidence figures of the World Health Organization.

• What can Ita offer as a differentiator from other types of centres?

ITA has a specialized treatment focused on each mental health problem, we specifically treat each disorder with highly specialized professionals and centers.In addition, we continuously improve our treatments with the contributions of our professionals and with technology, through the innovation policy with which we work at ITA

• What has the merger and acquisition of Ita by the Korian France group contributed to?

We have become part of the first European company in the care of the elderly and in mental health, with a network of centers distributed in 8 countries and with more than 65,000 professionals. This allows us to advance our knowledge, sharing experiences with other professionals from other countries, and improve faster.

It also allows us to grow continuously and rapidly.

• What does the ecosystem around Ita Mental Health contribute? (universities, technology partners…)

It allows us to advance in the improvement of our treatments from all perspectives and areas of knowledge. The collaboration between all the elements of the ecosystem allows us to address different areas such as training, innovation, or research, in a coordinated way, increasing our quality and adding value to the sector.

• What is your opinion of new entrepreneurs or Startups that work for the benefit of health?
Right now there are many, many startups in the health sector. I think we are experiencing a real boom, due in part to the impact of the pandemic.

Of all these startups, it is necessary to see how many really provide services or products of value. We are seeing the wheel invented several times…, but there are also some with possible clear contributions of value.


At Korian we already have a procedure to be able to evaluate which ones can contribute to us and which ones cannot, so it allows us to work with those that really offer us something that we can pass on to our patients and professionals in such a way that there is added value.

• How is Ita Salud Mental going to develop in the future? Are there new projects or approaches planned?

Our growth is going to be significant in the coming years, both in terms of new acquisitions and continuing to diversify and specialize our services. It is also our goal to have a footprint in those parts of Spain where we are not yet, without losing sight of international growth.

• What has it meant to receive the Pasteur Award for business excellence and assistance in mental health?

A recognition of the work well done by our teams of professionals during these years aAnd a motivation to continue working and improving.

• What is A.S.D, what goals and values does it contribute to today’s society thinking about the future?

The Digital Health Association was created by a series of professionals in the sector more than 7 years ago. Our initial objectives were to achieve a space where we could debate and advance in the knowledge of digital technologies applied to clinical processes.

Over the years we have become a benchmark for knowing the value that these technologies can provide, also for their implementation processes, and for training issues with different partners.

We are pleased to be able to have among our partners very different professional profiles that allow us to always have visions of the application of technology from different perspectives. So we have medical professionals, nurses, pharmacists, engineers, etc… who work in hospitals, primary schools, pharmaceutical companies, technology companies, universities, startups, consultants, etc… This mix of profiles is extremely rich in order to advance and improve our experience and knowledge.



Change in management at Parmigiani Fleurier SA

Fleurier, 2021: The Board of Directors of Parmigiani Fleurier SA hereby announces the appointment of Guido Terreni as CEO. He is to replace Davide Traxler, who has decided to pursue professional opportunities outside the Group after two and a half years at the helm of the Company.
These changes will take effect immediately.

Mr. Traxler will also resign with immediate effect from the boards of directors of Parmigiani’s distribution companies, where he will also be replaced by Mr. Terreni.

“In the person of Guido Terreni, we have been able to secure a strategist and recognized expert who oversaw the repositioning of Bulgari Horlogerie as one of the leading global watch brands in the high-end segment. I am certain that Guido Terreni will take Parmigiani Fleurier to new heights”, according to Fritz Schiesser, Chairperson of the Sandoz Family Foundation.

Mr. Terreni made the following statement on his appointment: “I am honored and enthusiastic about being able to contribute to enhancing Parmigiani Fleurier’s reputation. It is a solid brand, capable of expressing the Swiss watchmaking heritage at the highest level, which has recently been included by UNESCO in its List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of humanity, whilst also attracting the interest of the most discerning connoisseurs”.

“When I joined Parmigiani in mid-2018, we focused on improving company profitability as well as optimizing the product range and structures. We have made major progress in this area. The next stage will be centered on long-term strategic brand realignment. This will also include the Company’s response to market changes brought about by COVID-19. This is the right time to place management of the Company in new hands”, according to Mr. Traxler. The Board of Directors would like to express its thanks to Davide Traxler for his efforts for the Company.

A native of Milan, Guido Terreni, aged 51, is of dual Swiss-Italian nationality and graduated in Economics at the Luigi Bocconi University in Milan. He has gained 25 years of professional experience both within an international company under family management and at major international groups. He started his career in 1995 at the Danone Group. In 2000 he moved to Switzerland, joining the Watchmaking Division at the Bulgari Group. He was appointed President of Bulgari Horlogerie in 2010, a position which he held for the following ten years. Driven by his vision for innovation, his sense of aesthetics and a strong desire to respect the integrity of traditional Swiss mechanical watchmaking, he has been able to assemble teams that have turned Bulgari into a fully-fledged premium watch brand. This result is confirmed by the 57 international watchmaking prizes and 6 world records in the area of ultra-thin movements.

Honda Aircraft Company President & CEO, Michimasa Fujino Will Receive The 2021 AIAA Reed Aeronautics Award

GREENSBORO, N.C. – March 24, 2021 – The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) announced that Michimasa Fujino, lead HondaJet designer and President and CEO of Honda Aircraft Company, will receive the 2021 Reed Aeronautics Award “for the invention of advanced aerodynamic and structural techniques.” Fujino will be presented with the award during the AIAA Aerospace Spotlight Awards Gala on August 12, 2021.

The AIAA Reed Aeronautics Award is the highest honor an individual can receive for a notable achievement in aeronautics that represents a significant engineering advancement milestone. Fujino’s clean-sheet aircraft design introduced innovations in aviation technology, including the Over-The-Wing Engine Mount and Natural Laminar Flow wing and fuselage. The HondaJet is the first, and only, business jet to include these technologies.

“I am honored to be recognized by the AIAA with the 2021 Reed Aeronautics Award and, on behalf of the entire HondaJet team, we are proud to be presented with this tremendous accolade,” said Fujino. “It is a great privilege to be recognized by such a distinguished organization for the HondaJet’s advanced aerodynamic and structural technologies. As a leading mobility technology company, Honda Aircraft will continue to invest in leading-edge technologies that become the new standard in the industry.”

AIAA President Basil Hassan added, “Dr. Fujino’s dedication to utilizing cutting-edge aeronautical technologies to create new value in business aviation with the HondaJet is an inspiration to the global aerospace industry. AIAA is committed to ensuring that aerospace professionals are recognized and celebrated for their achievements, innovations, and discoveries that make the world safer, more connected, more accessible, and more prosperous. Dr. Fujino’s passion for innovation makes him a deserving recipient of this year’s Reed Aeronautics Award.”

The HondaJet’s Over-The-Wing Engine Mount (OTWEM) configuration produces what Fujino calls “favorable interference” by optimizing the design and placement of the engine nacelles. It combines the airflow over the wing with the airflow around the engine to reduce wave drag at high speeds, and significantly improves aircraft performance and efficiency. Moreover, the OTWEM configuration creates more space for the cabin and external cargo areas. The configuration also reduces cabin noise.

The advanced technologies introduced by the HondaJet also include a newly developed natural laminar flow (NLF) wing and fuselage nose, carbon composite fuselage, and advanced cockpit and interior design, which give the HondaJet the best performance and comfort in its class. A proven industry disruptor, the HondaJet has been the most delivered aircraft in its class for four consecutive years since 2017.

The Reed Aeronautics Award is named after Dr. Sylvanus A. Reed, the aeronautical engineer, designer, and founding member of the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences in 1932. Past recipients of the award include Clarence L. Johnson for the SR-71, Ben R. Rich for the F-117, Preston A. Henne for the MD-80 and Gulfstream aircraft, and Elbert L. Rutan for Voyager.

About the HondaJet Elite

The HondaJet Elite is the fastest, farthest and highest-flying plane in its class. The HondaJet Elite incorporates Honda Aircraft’s many technological innovations, including the unique Over-The-Wing Engine Mount (OTWEM) configuration, Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) nose and wing, and composite fuselage. The aircraft is also powered by the GE Honda Aero Engines HF120. All of these advancements contribute to the aircraft’s superior performance, unparalleled efficiency and maximized fuselage space, making the aircraft’s cabin the largest in its class. The HondaJet Elite cabin features a full service galley, a private lavatory with optional belted seat and an industry-first Bongiovi sound system. The aircraft sets the gold standard in safety and human-machine interface technology with an ergonomically designed cockpit and enhanced customized Garmin® G3000 avionics suite.

Honda Aircraft continues to be committed to improving lives through personal mobility, while living in a sustainable society. The HondaJet Elite remains significantly more fuel efficient and emits less greenhouse gases than all other similarly sized twin-engine business jets. Certified for single pilot operations, the HondaJet Elite continues to live up to the company’s reputation for superior performance, efficiency, quality, and value.

About Honda Aircraft Company

Honda Aircraft Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Founded in 2006, Honda Aircraft’s world headquarters is located in North Carolina, the birthplace of aviation. The challenging spirit upon which Mr. Soichiro Honda founded Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is alive today as Honda Aircraft fulfills one of Honda’s longstanding dreams to advance human mobility skyward


Her motto: create new codes for the French Jewelry.
Her promise: to keep the diamond as a unique stone. Deal!

Valérie Messika, daughter of André Messika, a famous diamond dealer since 1972, discovered diamonds at a very young age.
After obtaining her diploma in communication and marketing from CELSA in Paris, she spent five years alongside her father traveling, searching, negotiating the most beautiful diamonds.
In 2005 she launched her own brand. A contemporary and accessible interpretation of the diamond which is freed from forced exercises like the river or the solitaire. Movable stones, bracelets and necklaces with elastic flexibility, the best-selling Move and Skinny lines play brilliantly on technical innovation and modernity without compromising on quality. Her creations are symbols of femininity, emancipation, power.


In 2013, Valérie Messika unveiled her first Parisian Flagship store, rue Saint-Honoré, which houses the finest jewelry and Haute Joaillerie jewelry from the House.
All of the collections are represented by many celebrities who are loyal to the brand on the red carpets. From Paris to Hollywood, the sets shine on Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kendall Jenner,Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, and more…

In 2015, to celebrate the ten years of the brand, Valerie Messika launched a Haute Joaillerie atelier, to salute the French know-how that was born in the Parisian offices of the house.
From 2017 and 2018, Valérie Messika designed with Gigi Hadid two limited collections. First ‘Move Addiction’ for celebrating the 10th anniversary of the iconic Move. Then ‘My Soul’, more bohemian, which reflects the top model’s personnality.

In 2019, the designer Valérie Messika has chosen to cast three contemporary icons that break the codes of Parisian jewelry : Kate Moss, Joan Smalls and Sylvia Hoeks.
In 2020, Valérie Messika and Kate Moss co-design a High Jewelry collection together.
For 15 years, Valérie Messika has been shaking up the codes of French jewelry, entrepreneur and creative talent, she is now at the head of a company which, thanks to her audacity, has successfully found her marks in an industry so far used to classicism.





Drumelia’s founder and CEO, Sergey Sinichkin

Drumelia’s founder and CEO, Sergey Sinichkin, established the foundations of Drumelia Real Estate in Marbella back in 1997 after relocating from St. Petersburg. First acquiring a master’s degree in engineering before pursuing a career as a licensed real estate agent in 1993, he has been proud to call Marbella home for more than two decades.

Sergey’s steadfast work ethic and unparalleled market knowledge allowed Drumelia to confidently establish itself as one of Marbella’s premier real estate agencies. With his ground-level expertise and intimate understanding of local nuances, Sergey is an ideal advisor, consultant and an impassioned expert of his craft.

“One of my greatest passions in life is my work. For more than 20 years, I have called Marbella my home, have allowed my colleagues to become some of my dearest friends, and have nurtured relationships with cherished clients across every corner of the world.”

“I am deeply proud of the fact that, very often, I have become close friends with many of my clients – forging lasting personal connections that are based on trust, honesty and integrity. This has led to many exciting and flourishing relationships with friends right here in Marbella and across the world. I consider my main purpose to be to provide qualified assistance in solving one of the most vital tasks in people’s lives. What could be more important than your family home? For me, there is no greater joy than helping my friends in taking the next step.”



More Luxury Homes: VILLA CULLINAN

ISADORE SHARP - Founder and Chairman - Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

ISADORE SHARP – Founder and Chairman – Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

“The reason for our success is no secret. It comes down to one single principle that transcends time and geography, religion and culture. It’s the Golden Rule – the simple idea that if you treat people well, the way you would like to be treated, they will do the same.”

“There was no vision, there was no grand dream,” says Issy, reflecting on the more than 50 years since the first Four Seasons – a modest motor hotel – opened in downtown Toronto. “But there has always been a consistent thread and it propels us forward today, as we continue to grow globally, and that’s service.”

It may seem obvious that in the hotel business, service is a primary objective, but it is how that service is delivered that sets Four Seasons apart. “One way to characterise Four Seasons service would be to call it an exchange of mutual respect performed with an attitude of kindness.”

Defining and enforcing the company culture was one of four key strategic decisions made in the formative years of Four Seasons history. “I sat down with our communications experts and wrote down the fundamentals of our culture, which is based on the Golden Rule – to treat others as you wish to be treated,” says Issy. “A lot of companies talk about having a culture, but we knew we had to walk the talk if we expected it to thrive in our hotels.”

The other key decisions include a focus on managing only medium-sized hotels of exceptional quality; to manage, rather than own, those hotels; and to make service the brand’s distinguishing edge.

More recently, in 2007, another milestone decision was made that will protect the integrity of the brand well into the future. Sharp, along with a group of like-minded investors, took the company private.

“Four Seasons today is a brand that people equate with exceptional experiences and the lifelong memories that come with them,” says Issy. “The business decisions we’ve made over the past five decades ensure that Four Seasons will continue to hold this esteemed position for decades to come.”

Career Highlights

  • Authored a book in 2009 detailing the history and philosophy of the company entitled Four Seasons: The Story of a Business Philosophy
  • Founding of Four Seasons Hotels: built and opened the first Four Seasons, a 125-room motor hotel, in Toronto, Canada, in 1961, after founding the company the previous year
  • Previously: worked with his father, Max Sharp, in the construction business
  • Education: graduated in architecture from Ryerson Institute of Technology, 1952


  • Honorary Director of Scotiabank
  • Director of Clairvest Group Inc.

Community Involvement

  • Director of the National Terry Fox Run; initiated the corporate sponsorship program supporting the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope and is Founder of the annual Terry Fox Run program
  • Director of Canadian Unity Council
  • Governor of the Canadian Council of Christians and Jews
  • Honorary Officer of the Board of Directors, Mount Sinai Hospital
  • First recipient of the Ruth Hartman Frankel Humanitarian Award for work on behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society, 1983

Awards and Honours

  • Cornell Icon of the Industry Award, Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, 2016
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, The Canadian Club of Toronto, 2016
  • Woodrow Wilson Award for Corporate Citizenship, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, 2013
  • Induction into The British Travel Industry Hall of Fame, 2013
  • Platinum Award, Ontario Hostelry Institute (OHI), 2013
  • International Horatio Alger Award, Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, 2013
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, International Luxury Travel Mart (ILTM), 2011
  • US Travel Hall of Leaders, US Travel Association, 2010
  • Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from York University, 2009
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, International Hotel Investment Fund, 2009
  • Companion to the Order of the Canadian Business Hall of Fame, 2008 (first inducted in 1998)
  • Marketing Hall of Legends Visionary Award, 2008
  • Ivey Business Leader Award by the Ivey Alumni Association/Toronto, 2006
  • Outstanding Philanthropist Award, Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Greater Toronto Chapter, 2005
  • Honorary Associate Award, The Conference Board of Canada, 2005
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, American Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS), 2005
  • Canadian Hotel Industry Icon Award at the Canadian Hotel Investment Conference, 2005
  • Ontario Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Program’s Lifetime Achievement Award, 2003
  • Honorary Doctor of Commerce degree from Ryerson University, 2003 (Ryerson University Fellowship, 1983)
  • International Distinguished Entrepreneur Award by I.H. Asper School of Business of the University of Manitoba, 1999
  • Distinguished Service Award in International Rehabilitation, from New York-based World Rehabilitation Fund, 1999
  • Ryerson Alumni Award of Distinction, which recognises outstanding contributions of graduates of Ryerson Polytechnical University to business and community life, 1998
  • Honorary Doctor of Laws degree by the University of Toronto, 1994
  • Officer of the Order of Canada, 1993
  • CEO of the Year, Financial Post Magazine, 1992
  • Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Guelph, 1992

Personal Insights

  • Family: Issy and his wife, Rosalie Wise Sharp, live in Toronto; they have three sons: Jordan, Gregory and Anthony; the Sharps lost a fourth son, Christopher, to cancer in 1978
  • Where he got the now-famous name: The name was chosen at the suggestion of a relative, as Sharp’s first choice, “The Thunderbird Inn,” was already taken. The name “Thunderbird” is now proudly used at Four Seasons Home Office in Toronto as the name of the employee cafeteria.



Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann will additionally take up the position as President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. on top to his current function. The Bugatti President will therefore have a dual role. “It is both a great honour and pleasure, but also a great challenge for me to manage these two companies, which are very special to me with their exceptional cars,” says Stephan Winkelmann.

Over the last three years, Stephan Winkelmann has successfully initiated and driven forward a number of exciting projects at Bugatti. Never before has Bugatti presented so many different and unique projects in such a short period of time, such as the Divo, La Voiture Noire Centodieci, Chiron Pur Sport, Chiron Super Sport 300+* and Bolide. Last year Bugatti set a speed record that is still valid. And with the now delivered Divo, Bugatti has also transformed modern coach-building for the 21st century.

Lamborghini is also well-known territory for Stephan Winkelmann: he was President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. in Sant` Agata Bolognese, Italy, for over eleven years up to 2016. In these roles, Winkelmann successfully expanded the brand into one of the world’s leading super sports car manufacturers, and was responsible for making substantial investments in the company’s future. Under his leadership, Lamborghini experienced extremely fast growth: sales were more than doubled, while sales revenue more than tripled. This growth was due to the success of the Lamborghini Aventador and Huracán super sports cars – but even the decision to launch the bestselling Urus was taken under the direction of Stephan Winkelmann. Together with his team, he also realigned sales structures for the future. Stephan Winkelmann will be taking over the responsibilities of Stefano Domenicali, who has decided to leave Lamborghini at his own request after four successful years with the company. He will become the new CEO of Formula 1 from January 2021.

Markus Duesmann, Chairman of the Board of Management at Audi AG: “Stephan Winkelmann has decisively shaped the history of Lamborghini. He represents the Lamborghini brand like only a few, and is exactly the right person to lead this unique brand into a successful future.”

“I would like to thank everyone for the trust they have in my work as well as my team for their support in the past and in the future too. I am really looking forward to my new responsibilities,” explains Stephan Winkelmann. “I have had the privilege to manage both companies separately in recent years, and I can now do this for both together. This is something very close to my heart. Bugatti stands for the most superior, powerful, elegant and luxurious hyper sports cars in the world. Lamborghini builds the most exclusive super sports cars with outstanding design. Both companies still have so much creativity yet to be explored.”

Stephan Winkelmann was born in Berlin in 1964 and grew up in Rome. After passing his A-levels at the German School in Rome, he studied political science in both Rome and Munich. Before Winkelmann took over as head of Lamborghini in 2005, he had been employed by Fiat in various functions, including Chairman of the Board of Management at Fiat Auto Austria, Switzerland and Germany. In March 2016, Winkelmann moved from Lamborghini to quattro GmbH (today Audi Sport GmbH), which he managed in the role of CEO for two years. Winkelmann was appointed President of Bugatti on 1 January 2018, a role which he will continue performing in the described dual role from 1 December.

Ricardo Guadalupe, 47, was appointed CEO of Hublot on January 1, 2012. This appointment has made him the designated successor to Jean-Claude Biver, who in turn is now Chairman of the Hublot Board of Directors. It also represents the culmination of an entire career in the Swiss watch industry, and 20 years of loyal collaboration with Jean-Claude Biver, collaboration that has yielded exceptional results, such as the rebirth of Blancpain and the incipient development of Hublot, two brands that rival the biggest names in watchmaking.


Ricardo Guadalupe, of Spanish origin, was born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, on March 5, 1965, where he grew up, and carried out all his studies in this region known as the cradle of Swiss luxury watchmaking. After finishing his high school studies, already driven by the entrepreneurial spirit at that time, he decided to study at a Swiss Business School, before moving to California, United States, to take a course at the University of Los Angeles (UCLA). In 1988, at 22 years of age and with a university degree and a successful experience in the United States behind him, he decided to return to Switzerland to start his professional career. He chose the field of watchmaking, a passion that he had nurtured since his childhood in Neuchâtel.

His first steps were taken at Bulgari, as Head of Product. Already then Bulgari was a renowned company, but in terms of watchmaking it was just a small organization in Geneva. A dream opportunity to learn and address all aspects of the business: creation, design, production, acquisition, development of the distribution network, marketing … Together, these seven years allowed him to understand the product and the traditional aspect of the profession, and develop at the same time an aesthetic sensibility for design and creation, essential for the “Italian touch”. This allowed Ricardo Guadalupe to play a role in the development of the group’s future activities and its strategic move from Geneva to Neuchâtel.

In 1994, after a meeting with Jean-Claude Biver that would be decisive for his career, he encouraged him to join his Blancpain team. The brand had been acquired two years earlier by the Swatch Group. A rebuild process was required to restore functionality. The adventure promised to be exciting, and it represented a new opportunity for Ricardo Guadalupe to develop his entrepreneurial instincts. The experience was enriching, particularly in terms of technical knowledge about the movements, their creation, development and production. This is a key aspect of the profession. This was also the beginning of 20 years of loyal collaboration and friendship with Jean-Claude Biver. In 1997, he was appointed Director of International Sales and Marketing at Blancpain. In 2001, after eight years and more than 100 million in turnover, he left the company.

In 2001, armed with years of experience in diverse but complementary areas, and prepared to implement operating principles and high-performance work systems, he became an independent watchmaker consultant, and received an offer to develop Léonard watches. This represented the novel challenge of producing and positioning watch franchises in a new universe: fashion. He successfully launched and marketed several models in a highly competitive industry.

Three years later, in 2004, Jean-Claude Biver decided to take the reins of Hublot and called Ricardo Guadalupe to join him in this new challenge. The task at hand was extremely ambitious: in short, to revitalize the brand and launch a new development to go from a production of 90% quartz watches to 90% mechanical watches. He didn’t hesitate for a second. At that time, the brand created in 1980 had a small workforce of about 30 people and had a turnover of just 25 million Swiss francs. What happened next is well known: Jean-Claude Biver and Ricardo Guadalupe combined their talents and experience to make Hublot a success.

In just one year, in April 2005, they accomplished the incredible feat of launching a revolutionary chronograph: the Big Bang, perfectly in tune with the brand’s “Art of Fusion” concept. The watch, which was unveiled at the BaselWorld 2005 Basel Fair and received the “Best Design of the Year” award at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix that same year, was an immediate success. The awards happened very quickly. Hublot received an injection of extraordinary dynamism, guaranteeing exceptional growth. Jean-Claude Biver and Ricardo Guadalupe were the engines that drove the rebirth of the brand. Taking into account its achievements, we could even speak of “birth”: firstly, the economic growth of the company, with a turnover increase in four years from 25 million to more than 200 million Swiss francs in 2008, when the brand was acquired by LVMH. But there has also been physical growth, with the inauguration in November 2009 of a new high-tech factory on the shores of Lake Geneva in Nyon, an event attended by Bernard Arnault. 6,000 m² have been devoted to the art of watchmaking, the creation and production of movements such as the UNICO, a column-wheel chronograph, and major horological complications such as the tourbillon, the minute repeater, the Antikythera movement, the Key movement. of Time, the LaFerrari (world record with 50 days of power reserve), etc. Eager to stay at the forefront of research into new high-tech materials and preserve its cutting-edge expertise, Hublot set up a foundry to produce Magic gold, a scratch-resistant 18-karat gold released in late 2011. That same year , Hublot acquired the Swiss company Profusion, specialized in the manufacture of carbon fiber components. In 2013, Hublot also presented the world premiere of a watch made of bright red ceramic.

In terms of marketing, the constancy and consistency of Jean-Claude Biver and Ricardo Guadalupe are as remarkable as their need to disrupt preconceptions. “You have to go where the potential customers are.” This strategy made him the first to bring a luxury brand to the world of football. In 2008, Hublot became the “Official Timekeeper” of the Eurocup. In another historic milestone, in 2010 the brand became the “Official Watch” and “Official Timekeeper” of FIFA and the World Cup ™ (the next in Brazil in 2014), after being chosen as “Official Watch” and “ Official Timekeeper ”of Ferrari. Two masterstrokes that gave Hublot enormous visibility on the world market.

Hublot has also created an exclusive club of friends and ambassadors that goes beyond sports, all of them legends in their respective fields, and with whom the brand collaborates closely on various charitable projects: Usain Bolt, the fastest man on the planet, the Bayern Munich, Juventus Turin, Ajax Amsterdam and Paris Saint-Germain, to name just a few in the world of football, as well as Ayrton Senna’s family with the Ayrton Senna Institute, the prestigious Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, chaired by SAS Prince Albert II of Monaco, Dwyane Wade and the NBA champion team Miami Heat, Kobe Bryant with the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA, Maria Riesch and Dario Cologna of the ski world, or Depeche Mode and Jay Z in the musical field. The brand also supports polo and golf through competitions, since: “The connection comes from sharing. By not sharing, we lose. At Hublot we have been fortunate, and it is our duty to share part of that success ”.

With Jean-Claude Biver and Ricardo Guadalupe still at the helm, Hublot is also the first luxury brand to launch an online television service (Hublot TV), and it continues to explore revolutionary new interactive platforms. From a commercial point of view, the network of exclusive boutiques and authorized distributors has grown since 2007-2008 and currently has 750 points of sale and more than 70 exclusive boutiques in some of the most prestigious places in the world (Geneva, Place Vendôme from Paris, Madison Avenue in New York, Miami, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Cannes, Saint Tropez, London, Berlin, Munich, Moscow, Warsaw, Prague, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuala Lumpur , among other).

Anchored in the present and constantly evolving, at the forefront of new advances in technology and fundamental research of new materials, Hublot remains committed to traditional wisdom, creating watches that bear the mark of the most talented watchmakers. In this way, the brand represents the Art of Fusion between watchmaking culture and avant-garde technical development, between the past and the future … in the words of el Presidente de Hublot, Jean-Claude Biver, y del CEO, Ricardo Guadalupe: “no se trata de romper con el pasado, por el contrario, le rendimos tributo al conectarlo con el futuro”.




After two years of being behind the scenes, the CEO and Head of Design of Boca do Lobo now talks about the history, the present and the future of the most passionate Portuguese design brand

It is a great responsibility for someone young like me to be CEO of one of the best design brands in the world, but I also see it as a challenge and at the same time I feel that I have a long road ahead that allows me to stimulate myself to do better every day. At the same time, I fully trust my team, we can always give what is not expected, always trying to do more and better.
My creative freedom is based on everything I see, on what surrounds me. At Boca do Lobo Design Studio we operate within the world of design, but we can be true artists in the way we work and think. Everyone says there is a cross between art and design and I couldn’t agree more. I really like doing new experiences, new materials, new techniques. More than an object to satisfy a need, we want to create pieces or objects of art that are part of people’s lives. People who buy Boca do Lobo are also buying an experience that can inspire generations.

There were no changes in our culture or language, there was an evolution. Over time we have lost our shyness and we realize that if there is a power of adaptation on our part, we can easily adapt to spaces and projects. The essence, the charisma and the audacity are there, but in a more versatile way.

The Art of Designing and Manufacturing Exclusive Pieces is Boca do Lobo’s motorcycle of life, without that it was just another design brand. The wealth of manual arts finds here a new way of imposing and surviving, using contemporary style as a base but, at the same time, introducing Portuguese handicraft techniques. The link lies in the complementarity that both parties have been able to find in the relationship that unites them: on the one hand, we needed a uniqueness that only craftsmanship can give us and accompany us in what we want to create, on the other, we help these arts to be reborn … Each piece is unique, gold leaf doesn’t feel the same twice.

An emotional need began to exist regarding the uniqueness of a product at the time of purchase. Our public demands an experience with design, with respect to the exclusive world of luxury and art, and therefore our presence in the world, in the main international capitals, is a way of reaching more easily those who want to see us, feel us And touch on our pieces We make a difference and stay in the public mind because our products have a twist that only we can do.

At the moment we have 5 collections, of which, without a doubt, the Limited Edition stands out, being the standard carrier of the best-selling books, such as the Diamond Sideboard or even the incomparable Pixel Cabinet. However, we must not forget the collections that are mainstays of the brand such as Soho and Coolors and even the main room that serves one of the most important areas of the house.
At the same time, it is important to mention Private Collection, which serves an extremely high luxury audience. Another category that could undoubtedly open new doors to the world of hotels and casinos is Play At Home Collection, whose main focus is the gaming tables.

I don’t think it was the main milestone in the history of Boca do Lobo, but without a doubt it was a great responsibility. It was an important step, it brought national and international notoriety, it was as a consequence of the recognition we have gained over time, and since that year more doors have been opened in the world of cinema and staging.
In fact, what happened was simple: Universal Pictures recognized that our pieces fell short of the more eccentric side of millionaire Mr. Gray and thought they would fit like a glove in his apartment. We agree et voilá.

The secret is to get closer to people to inspire and surprise the best in the world industry, also disclosing our projects and pieces.
We have a passionate and dedicated team, willing to learn and be challenged every day, exploring strategies and actions to boost the brand. In fact, we have a strong presence in the world of the web, it is easy to perceive our notoriety through the many blogs, social networks and international magazines that we publish.
I think that the fact that we show our behind the scenes, without fear, also helps because it is part of our essence, our creative side and that makes all the difference.

We are in great growth and as our services improve we will create our own path to success… We have highly focused goals and the fact that we are a young team, we can easily be cross-cutting in an ever-changing world. The fact that we already have the loyalty of some clients who have been consolidated with personalized and personalized pieces is also a great step, the ‘happy clients’ strategy that we gather will give us the basis, year after year, to achieve our goals. It is a secret of the gods, but the results.

As for the businesses that could boost Boca do Lobo, we always think how to surprise and innovate and nothing better than an unlikely partner to do something unexpected and have a boom in every corner of the world.
Boca do Lobo is a brand that aims to elevate exclusive design, but we want to have sustained growth that gives us freedom so when we decide to take risks, we can do it. But at the same time, we must take into account the minimization of errors and shortcomings.

Passionate, dedicated and… reserved.