Kleanbus appoints Terry Spall as company Chairman

  • Industry veteran of more than 30 years and former President of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers joins as Chairman of Kleanbus
  • Terry will provide strategic counsel to further develop Kleanbus’ state-of-the-art e-powertrain and expand commercial repower offering
  • Kleanbus’ technology is capable of repurposing single or double-decker diesel buses into zero-emission vehicles
  • Electric repowered buses from Kleanbus cost one fifth of a new electric bus with a third of the operating costs of diesel buses

Monday August 22nd, 2022: Expert bus repower company Kleanbus is delighted to announce the appointment of Terry Spall as Chairman of the company. Further strengthening the depth of expertise and knowledge of Kleanbus’ senior leadership team, Terry brings over 30 years of industry experience.

Terry, a chartered mechanical engineer, joins Kleanbus having recently completed his tenure as the 135th President of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, in 2021. Terry has also held senior positions at HORIBA MIRA, including ten years as Commercial Director responsible for the MIRA Technology Park development and many years leading vehicle programmes and heading international market development for MIRA. He also brings extensive vehicle development knowledge and experience from working in vehicle manufacturers.

Joe Tighe, Co-Founder and CEO of Kleanbus, said: “We are delighted to be welcoming Terry Spall to the company as Chairman. Terry’s experience gained over more than three decades in the industry and world-leading engineering intuitions and service providers alike will bring invaluable knowledge and expertise into the business. I’m very much looking forward to working with Terry as we continue to accelerate the development of our ‘repower’ technologies and commercial offering.” 

Terry Spall, Chairman of Kleanbus, commented: “I have been really impressed by Kleanbus and its mission to positively impact the sustainability of bus fleets worldwide. It is a very dynamic start-up that is already gaining strong market interest.  I look forward to working with the Kleanbus team to deliver on their mission and help them achieve commercial success.”

Kleanbus can deliver a unique ‘repower’ solution to transform diesel-powered single or double-decker buses into zero-emission, electrically powered vehicles and extending the life of the embedded carbon expended in creating the base vehicle. For one-fifth of the cost of a new electric bus, Kleanbus’ environmentally friendly solution is based upon state-of-the-art e-powertrain technology developed in-house by Kleanbus, designed specifically for use in buses.

Positioning itself as the partner of choice for rapid, low-cost transition to zero emissions, Kleanbus can help commercial operators meet stringent new environmental targets as the industry transitions toward electrification.

About Kleanbus
Kleanbus’ unique repower programme provides a fast, affordable, and the most environmentally friendly solution to electrify bus fleets. The company is committed to using innovative British engineering expertise, quality locally sourced components and UK-based manufacturing. Its drivetrain has no rare earth elements, and its battery systems are specifically designed for bus system operations. By providing the best available technology with the most reliable supply chain and excellent customer service, Kleanbus is the partner of choice for rapid, low-cost transition to zero emissions.

Kleanbus’ senior team is made up of subject matter experts with a combined eighty years in powertrain development. Led by serial entrepreneur CEO Joe Tighe, other senior members of the team include Chairman, Terry Spall, 135th  President of the IMECHE with 25 years’ senior experience at HORIBA MIRA, alongside Rob Gretton, an engineer with over 30 years’ experience working in drivetrain and power systems, and former TfL and GLA air quality specialist Lucy Parkin, who is the company’s first Director of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

Underlining its commitment to being a force for good, Kleanbus has also achieved pending B-Corporation® status.

Kjell Gruner, President and Chief Executive Officer Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

Kjell Gruner, President and Chief Executive Officer Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

Dr. Kjell Gruner is President and CEO of Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA), where he is responsible for the United States. He also oversees Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd. and Porsche Digital, Inc., the sports car manufacturer’s digital subsidiary in the U.S.

Kjell Gruner, President and Chief Executive Officer Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

Kjell Gruner, President and Chief Executive Officer Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

Headquartered in Atlanta, PCNA is the importer of Porsche 911; 718 Boxster and Cayman; Taycan; Macan and Cayenne; and Panamera for the United States. As President and CEO, Dr. Gruner oversees the import and distribution of Porsche sports cars through the retail operations of 192 U.S. dealers and five U.S. ports of entry. Sales support, marketing, parts distribution, and other functions including sales and service training also fall within Dr. Gruner’s areas of responsibility.

Dr. Gruner also leads new mobility programs under Porsche Drive; digital retail initiatives, such as Porsche Finder; and immersive brand experiences, including the operations for the $100 million Porsche Experience Center and North American headquarters in Atlanta. This 27.7-acre complex includes corporate offices for all U.S.-based Porsche entities, a 1.6-mile driver development track, a technical training center, and a fine dining restaurant. He is also responsible for the $60 million Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles, which features a 4-mile driver development track, a fine dining restaurant, and is home to Porsche Motorsport North America.

Prior to joining PCNA, Dr. Gruner served as Global Vice President Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer for Porsche. In this role, he contributed significantly to the ongoing development of the global Porsche brand, and driven sustainable innovation in regards to strategy development. He has also been CEO of Porsche Smart Mobility GmbH.

Dr. Gruner first joined Porsche in 1999 as a Senior Manager in Marketing, Planning and Strategy, after beginning his career at Boston Consulting Group. In 2004, he joined Daimler AG, most recently as Director Strategy Mercedes-Benz Cars before returning to Porsche AG in 2010 as CMO.

Dr. Gruner studied Industrial Engineering and Marketing in Germany and the United States.

New Chief Executive Officer at Porsche Asia Pacific

Hannes Ruoff – New Chief Executive Officer at Porsche Asia Pacific

Stuttgart. Personnel change in Southeast Asia: Hannes Ruoff has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Singapore-based Porsche Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, effective 1 October 2022. Ruoff comes to the role from Porsche AG and was most recently Area Manager Asia Pacific and Australia in the Overseas and Emerging Markets sales region. He succeeds Arthur Willmann at the regional office, who has held the position since 2018 and will assume a new role within Porsche sales.

New Chief Executive Officer at Porsche Asia Pacific

New Chief Executive Officer at Porsche Asia Pacific

“We see many dynamic markets with growth and innovation potential in Southeast Asia, in which we want to become more involved as we recently underscored with the opening of a local assembly facility in Malaysia,” says Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG. “I’m delighted that we were able to bring in Hannes Ruoff, a true expert on the region, as CEO. He will press ahead with successful projects that are already under way, further expand our brand presence in Asia Pacific and bring fresh impetus to the role.”

Ruoff started his career at Porsche Asia Pacific in 2009, as Training Manager for Sales and Marketing. He then took on the position of Regional Sales Manager. In 2015 he moved to the headquarters of Porsche AG and became Regional Marketing Manager. Ruoff has been Area Manager for Asia Pacific and Australia since 2020.

Porsche Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, based in Singapore, was founded in 2001 and is a subsidiary and regional office of Porsche AG. It currently serves importers in 13 markets, including Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Recently, the sports car manufacturer has steadily expanded its involvement in the region under the leadership of Arthur Willmann. In addition to the construction of the first cross-border high-performance charging network in collaboration with Shell, a local assembly facility was set up in Malaysia. Since March 2022, it has been used for the production of Cayenne models tailored specifically to the Malaysian market.

IM+C, the agency led by Alberto Fernández, Founder and CEO

IM+C, the agency led by Alberto Fernández, Founder and CEO

IM+C, the agency led by Alberto Fernández, Founder and CEO, incorporates talents into the team at a time of many transformations. Founded in London eight years ago as a strategic consultant for international media in the English market, it opened an office in Barcelona, ​​with the aim of serving the market as a media agency specializing in developing and managing global and international campaigns. Today, IM+C is fully internationalized and has offices in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, London, Miami and El Salvador and a network of partner agencies in the main markets of America, Europe and China. Alberto reveals how “a young talent can, from his point of view, contribute his work and ideas to companies”. The company adapts to changes in the work model, the role of brands and expectations for the future.

** Answer the following questions ** .
What is IM+C and what goals does it have for the coming years? .

IM+C is a unique independent agency, fully integrated and committed to sustainability that offers a boutique service with a different way of working, under the same roof or working remotely, all projects are developed by a magnificent group of people who contribute their knowledge from their specialties to bring the best solutions to our clients’ problems.
All this without ego struggles, returns or P&L, since there is only one income statement for all the clients and countries with which we work, this gives great independence to the teams that leads us to be able to offer better results.

For the next few years, my goal is to consolidate the way of working and, above all, that the brands understand the positive of working “truly” integrated and with social responsibility. We are from the new generation of companies with a purpose and we will continue to grow with these criteria.

What is the hardest thing about being an independent agency? .

In all positions there are good and bad things, from my experience working in several agencies, the “indies” have a more positive balance in many aspects. Transparency, trust, flexibility and a better level of service, more personalized and tailor-made, are the main qualities of indie agencies. The most difficult thing is that you don’t have the financial “lung” of the big groups, for example, if you want to open a new office in a strategic country, the journey is always long before making a profit or reaching the “break even” and some they can allow them and others we can’t always.
Also access to global clients is much more complex from an independent agency.

What are the values ​​that a brand must have today to be successful with its consumers?

A brand must always understand who its consumer is now and in the future, understand them and adapt as soon as possible to their needs, because these are constantly changing and if a brand that is now in the “top of mind” of its consumer, fails to adapt , it will cease to be a reference brand for that consumer, that is what makes the world of marketing so complex, because consumers are individuals (social, but individuals) and do not change en bloc, which seems fine to a consumer now , trends, fashions and influences will lead you to other types of needs.
Obviously there are currently global trends, different for each “generation” of consumers, sustainability in a broad sense, climate change, transparency, technology, comfort, accessibility,…

. How has the company evolved with the pandemic?

Our company is relatively young, and the pandemic has helped us get to know each other better, align ourselves internally, and create processes that allow us to carry out the type of communication we have in mind for our clients.

We are creating a unique agency, fully integrated, sensitive to the environment and responsible for the issue of sustainability, with a different way of working. Since January 2021 we have doubled the workforce in all countries, and our turnover has grown by 150% in 2021 compared to 2020, thanks to our customers and their trust.

What is taking away from the expo. 2020 Dubai, without counting on the El Salvador pavilion prize?

For an advertising agency, the experience of conceptualization, design, audiovisual production, construction, and management of the entire pavilion for 6 months is something extraordinary, in the literal sense.
No pavilion at Expo 2020 (almost 200) or in previous expos was created or managed by a communication agency, hence the success of the El Salvador pavilion, understanding very well what the country wants to convey to the world, we were able to create an experience the only one that impacted hundreds of thousands of people who did not even know that the country existed.

• What has the Dubai World Expo award meant for IM+C?

Thanks to this project, awarded with a Gold for the interpretation of the theme, in the first presence of El Salvador in an Expo, we have been approached by several countries interested in being able to work together for the next Expo in Osaka in 2025.
We are preparing the best team of professionals so that our contribution to Expo 2025 is even better.

• Why is creativity so important in the agency’s work?

Creativity is important in all aspects of life, in business more, and in advertising agencies it is essential.
When our clients look for solutions, creativity always provides that plus that allows them to distinguish their products or services from the rest of their competitors.

• What projects are there in the short and long term?

Apart from Expo Osaka 2025, which is long-term but we are already working on it, we are preparing a great exceptional event in Central America and the Caribbean for next summer 2023, which we still cannot talk about due to confidentiality.

In addition to continuing to add value to our current clients, helping them find valuable technological solutions that allow them to grow their businesses and be more relevant in their communication to different targets.

• What sectors does the company cover and which ones do you want to promote?

We work for all kinds of sectors in different markets, although our international experience in dozens of countries for tourism/travel clients is remarkable.

• At what level is the company involved in society and the environment?

As previously indicated, IM+C is an agency deeply committed to sustainability and the environment, apart from the social policies that we apply to all staff, we are trying to apply the maximum of the SDGs, from sustainable mobility, ecological consumption and many more measures that will allow us to obtain BCorp certification in a very short period of time, as well as having launched the first green guide to advertising in Spanish to help agencies and production companies to be more responsible and take care of the planet.

What is the green guide?

It is a sustainability manifesto in the advertising profession, we have been working on it for months to help all companies measure and minimize the environmental impact in our campaign creation and content production processes. We also provide tools to offset emissions that cannot be avoided, very simple methods and tools to achieve zero emissions. To act with global responsibility professionally and personally.

How should the image of a CEO be before his agency?
Well, I think that as everyone would like, close, without arrogance, responsible in broad terms, innovative and brave.

Would you invest in new talent and entrepreneurs?
Of course we do, in fact, we help numerous entrepreneurs in their initial steps to help them build their companies, even before their friends or family trust their viability.

What is your opinion of Startups?
They are the ones that will move the economy of the future, the trades that do not exist will come from the hands of young entrepreneurs and visionaries, and not so young, who are designing the businesses that will come soon and adapting better to the needs of consumers, more technological , fast, conscious and changing.

Stephan Tahy to remain Duravit CEO for five more years

The Supervisory Board of Duravit AG has prematurely extended CEO Stephan Tahy’s contract with effect from 1 July, 2022

  • Tahy will continue to help Duravit realize its potential in future
  • Changes will be shaped collectively as a team
  • Record turnover of €604 million last year
  • Becoming a climate-neutral business as a corporate objective

Hornberg, 1 July, 2022: At its meeting on June 28, the Supervisory Board of Duravit AG prematurely and unanimously extended the contract of CEO Stephan Tahy for five more years until 2027. This is not only due to the success of the last financial year, but also because they are convinced that Stephan Tahy and his Executive Board colleagues, Thomas Stammel and Martin Winkle, working with the team as a whole, have been able to build on the successes of the past and will continue to realize Duravit’s full potential in future.

In July 2020, Tahy became CEO of a family business that employs a global workforce of about 7,000 and operates in over 130 countries. His contract was due to run until 2023. “I’m delighted about the early contract extension and the show of trust in me,” said Stephan Tahy. “Only by working together can we achieve our ambitious goals. That’s why we want to take advantage of the fair winds and shape the necessary changes together.” The CEO intends to blaze bold trails in future in collaboration with his Executive Board colleagues and the workforce.

Duravit on a growth trajectory and a climate mission

With Stephan Tahy at the helm as CEO, Duravit managed to generate record turnover of €604 million in the last financial year, a year-on-year increase of some 28 percent. “Despite the difficult circumstances on the global economy, we’re closing in on the billion mark,” he explained.

Duravit remains on track for success: In the first quarter the company generated total turnover of 172.1 million euros(2021: €140 million euros). Growth, including the one-off effect of the Bernstein consolidation, stood at 22.9 percent.

Additionally, Duravit has embarked on a comprehensive climate mission: by 2045 the company from Hornberg in the Black Forest wants to be an entirely climate-neutral business at global level without relying on offsetting or trading CO2 emissions. “None of this would be possible without the team effort of our employees who recreate this success every day afresh despite challenging and changing prevailing conditions. These are the best prerequisites for implementing our corporate vision of ‘We upgrade people’s everyday life’ for all of our stakeholders Board”, says Tahy.

The CEO intends to blaze bold trails in future in collaboration with his Executive Board colleagues and the workforce. (Image source: Duravit AG)

About Duravit AG

Founded in 1817 in Hornberg in the Black Forest, Duravit AG is today a leading international manufacturer of designer bathrooms. Aspiring to the highest of standards, the complete bathroom supplier designs and manufactures sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, bathtubs and shower trays, wellness systems, shower-toilets, faucets, and accessories as well as installation systems. Alongside its in-house design expertise, Duravit also works closely on product development with an international network of designers such as Cecilie Manz, Philippe Starck, Christian Werner, Sebastian Herkner, and Bertrand Lejoly as well as talented newcomers. Duravit’s ambition is to make its stakeholders’ lives a little better each day through a combination of forward-looking designs, uncompromising product excellence, a keen sense of human requirements, and responsible corporate management. A key measure in achieving these aims is the overriding mission to become a climate-neutral business by 2045 with no exceptions


Jaume Raventós Monk

General Director Korean Spain
CEO of Ita Mental Health

Ita Mental Health Jaume Raventós Monjo General Director Korean Spain CEO of Ita Mental Health – Korian Spain.- Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Digital Health Association.
“A person who runs a company in the position of CEO has a very important responsibility, work on the prevention and treatment of health, to give people and the planet a better quality of life.”
“We have a unique, proprietary and comprehensive model that works with all pathologies. Our treatment focuses on the person and their environment, with the family being a key player in the recovery process.

We have a multidisciplinary and specialized team (psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, nutritionists, neuropsychologists, social educators and occupational therapists) with the aim of obtaining a high degree of satisfaction and trust from patients, family members and prescribers. We have the largest network of Mental Health centers in Spain with Hospitalization, Day Hospital and Outpatient Centers specialized in the different Mental Health disorders

• What does ITA Salud Mental contribute to today’s society?

We provide experience in the treatment of mental health illnesses through our professionals, and in the most appropriate spaces for the needs of each patient at all times. We also work through our Foundation in the field of prevention and promotion of healthy habits in mental health.
We firmly believe that our contribution should be aimed at both prevention and treatment.

• What mental health problems currently exist? Have any of them increased as a result of the pandemic?

The most prevalent continue to be anxiety and depression. Some disorders have appeared in the child and adolescent population that years ago were not in our centers, such as addictions to technology, or cases of problems related to bullying.
The pandemic has significantly increased mental health problems. Some publications speak of a 200% increase in child-juvenile emergencies, and the impact in adults, in emergencies is greater than 60%, it has also been published that with respect to depression, 3 times more cases have been found and in anxiety 4 times. more than the incidence figures of the World Health Organization.

• What can Ita offer as a differentiator from other types of centres?

ITA has a specialized treatment focused on each mental health problem, we specifically treat each disorder with highly specialized professionals and centers.In addition, we continuously improve our treatments with the contributions of our professionals and with technology, through the innovation policy with which we work at ITA

• What has the merger and acquisition of Ita by the Korian France group contributed to?

We have become part of the first European company in the care of the elderly and in mental health, with a network of centers distributed in 8 countries and with more than 65,000 professionals. This allows us to advance our knowledge, sharing experiences with other professionals from other countries, and improve faster.

It also allows us to grow continuously and rapidly.

• What does the ecosystem around Ita Mental Health contribute? (universities, technology partners…)

It allows us to advance in the improvement of our treatments from all perspectives and areas of knowledge. The collaboration between all the elements of the ecosystem allows us to address different areas such as training, innovation, or research, in a coordinated way, increasing our quality and adding value to the sector.

• What is your opinion of new entrepreneurs or Startups that work for the benefit of health?
Right now there are many, many startups in the health sector. I think we are experiencing a real boom, due in part to the impact of the pandemic.

Of all these startups, it is necessary to see how many really provide services or products of value. We are seeing the wheel invented several times…, but there are also some with possible clear contributions of value.


At Korian we already have a procedure to be able to evaluate which ones can contribute to us and which ones cannot, so it allows us to work with those that really offer us something that we can pass on to our patients and professionals in such a way that there is added value.

• How is Ita Salud Mental going to develop in the future? Are there new projects or approaches planned?

Our growth is going to be significant in the coming years, both in terms of new acquisitions and continuing to diversify and specialize our services. It is also our goal to have a footprint in those parts of Spain where we are not yet, without losing sight of international growth.

• What has it meant to receive the Pasteur Award for business excellence and assistance in mental health?

A recognition of the work well done by our teams of professionals during these years aAnd a motivation to continue working and improving.

• What is A.S.D, what goals and values does it contribute to today’s society thinking about the future?

The Digital Health Association was created by a series of professionals in the sector more than 7 years ago. Our initial objectives were to achieve a space where we could debate and advance in the knowledge of digital technologies applied to clinical processes.

Over the years we have become a benchmark for knowing the value that these technologies can provide, also for their implementation processes, and for training issues with different partners.

We are pleased to be able to have among our partners very different professional profiles that allow us to always have visions of the application of technology from different perspectives. So we have medical professionals, nurses, pharmacists, engineers, etc… who work in hospitals, primary schools, pharmaceutical companies, technology companies, universities, startups, consultants, etc… This mix of profiles is extremely rich in order to advance and improve our experience and knowledge.



Change in management at Parmigiani Fleurier SA

Fleurier, 2021: The Board of Directors of Parmigiani Fleurier SA hereby announces the appointment of Guido Terreni as CEO. He is to replace Davide Traxler, who has decided to pursue professional opportunities outside the Group after two and a half years at the helm of the Company.
These changes will take effect immediately.

Mr. Traxler will also resign with immediate effect from the boards of directors of Parmigiani’s distribution companies, where he will also be replaced by Mr. Terreni.

“In the person of Guido Terreni, we have been able to secure a strategist and recognized expert who oversaw the repositioning of Bulgari Horlogerie as one of the leading global watch brands in the high-end segment. I am certain that Guido Terreni will take Parmigiani Fleurier to new heights”, according to Fritz Schiesser, Chairperson of the Sandoz Family Foundation.

Mr. Terreni made the following statement on his appointment: “I am honored and enthusiastic about being able to contribute to enhancing Parmigiani Fleurier’s reputation. It is a solid brand, capable of expressing the Swiss watchmaking heritage at the highest level, which has recently been included by UNESCO in its List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of humanity, whilst also attracting the interest of the most discerning connoisseurs”.

“When I joined Parmigiani in mid-2018, we focused on improving company profitability as well as optimizing the product range and structures. We have made major progress in this area. The next stage will be centered on long-term strategic brand realignment. This will also include the Company’s response to market changes brought about by COVID-19. This is the right time to place management of the Company in new hands”, according to Mr. Traxler. The Board of Directors would like to express its thanks to Davide Traxler for his efforts for the Company.

A native of Milan, Guido Terreni, aged 51, is of dual Swiss-Italian nationality and graduated in Economics at the Luigi Bocconi University in Milan. He has gained 25 years of professional experience both within an international company under family management and at major international groups. He started his career in 1995 at the Danone Group. In 2000 he moved to Switzerland, joining the Watchmaking Division at the Bulgari Group. He was appointed President of Bulgari Horlogerie in 2010, a position which he held for the following ten years. Driven by his vision for innovation, his sense of aesthetics and a strong desire to respect the integrity of traditional Swiss mechanical watchmaking, he has been able to assemble teams that have turned Bulgari into a fully-fledged premium watch brand. This result is confirmed by the 57 international watchmaking prizes and 6 world records in the area of ultra-thin movements.


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Doha is delighted to announce that its new flagship premises in the Qatari capital, Doha, is now formally open and ready to welcome clients from the past, present and future. It is the first showroom in the company’s Middle East & Africa region to be remodelled in the new Rolls-Royce visual identity, which was officially launched in London and Shanghai in 2021.

  • Rolls-Royce Motor Cars unveils new expanded flagship showroom in Doha, Qatar
  • The first in Middle East & Africa region to be remodelled in the marque’s new visual identity
  • Consolidates Rolls-Royce’s position as a true House of Luxury
  • Visual language resonates with younger clientele
  • Interior design provides a relaxed and immersive client experience
  • Includes the Bespoke Commissioning Atelier and lounge area with a Cabinet of Curiosity feature and hospitality lounge, complemented by innovative digital technology and lighting installations

“The new Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Doha showroom represents a major milestone for the evolution of our brand from an automotive manufacturer to a true House of Luxury. Our new showroom visual identity, which we launched last year, offers our clients a fully immersive experience that takes them to the very heart of our brand and everything it represents. I am delighted to be here in Doha today to bring this wonderful concept to the Middle East & Africa region for the first time.”
Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

“It has always been our ambition at Alfardan Group to provide luxury experiences for our clientele and this ambition has no limit. We strive to be the pioneers in many fields to contribute to the development of a diversified and prosperous economy, in line with Qatar National Vision 2030 and under the wise directive of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar. We are proud that Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has chosen the city of Doha to be the first in presenting the marque’s new look and visual identity in the Middle East & Africa region, and the third in the world after London and Shanghai.”
Omar Alfardan, President and CEO, Alfardan Group

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Doha is delighted to announce that its new flagship premises in the Qatari capital, Doha, is now formally open and ready to welcome clients from the past, present and future. It is the first showroom in the company’s Middle East & Africa region to be remodelled in the new Rolls-Royce visual identity, which was officially launched in London and Shanghai in 2021.

The new identity is a key element in the marque’s transformation from an automotive manufacturer to a true House of Luxury. Designed to resonate with a clientele that is increasingly younger, self-made and highly individual, it creates a wholly immersive client experience, presenting Rolls-Royce’s magnificent products in the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere of a luxury boutique.

The unique experience begins from the moment of arrival, with an entrance inspired by the iconic Pantheon Grille adorned with the Spirit of Ecstasy mascot. The galleria-style interior includes the Bespoke Commissioning Atelier, where clients can examine, discuss and select surface finishes, wood veneers, leathers, embroidery threads and fabrics for their Bespoke commissions. The lounge area features a ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ filled with intriguing objects and pieces to spark ideas and conversations as part of the commissioning process. The ‘Hospitality Lounge’ to the rear provides a relaxed, comfortable and secluded space where clients can mix and socialise.


Black Badge Cullinan: NEDCcorr (combined) CO2 emission: 341 g/km; Fuel consumption: 18.8 mpg / 15.0 l/100km. WLTP (combined) CO2 emission: 377-355 g/km; Fuel consumption: 17.0-18.1 mpg / 16.6-15.6 l/100km.

Kristian Tear CEO at Bang & Olufsen

Kristian Tear CEO at Bang & Olufsen

Broad and proven global experience in building, transforming and scaling businesses to significant results, in telecommunication, enterprise and consumer electronic sectors. Expertise in strategy, sales & marketing, digital, product development, operations, security and services, including go to market execution directly, via distribution partners, or direct retail and on line.

Kristian Tear CEO at Bang & Olufsen

Kristian Tear CEO at Bang & Olufsen

Extroverted, inspiring and trusted leader with strong interpersonal and communication skills.  Achieved success through building strong teams and lasting relationships with a diverse network of stakeholders, customers, partners and employees. Have lived in seven countries and acquired extensive knowledge and experience with leading and working in multi-cultural environments. Comfortable leading small and very large organizations of 30 to over 10,000 people, through good and challenging times to success.

Have been responsible for P&Ls in the thousands to several billion dollars, driving profitable growth, cost efficiencies, and value creation for owners, investors, and shareholders.  Adept in working in large and mid-sized publicly listed, private equity owned and start-up companies.
Several years of board experience as chairman and director, including remuneration and audit committee work.


Vivian Stauffer is the CEO of Hamilton, an iconic name in precision watchmaking since it was founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1892. Its watches earned their reputation by synchronizing the first railroads and went on to furnish the wrists of soldiers, aviators and Hollywood stars, making over 500 appearances on the big screen. Hamilton has been at the forefront of innovations in design, technology and craft, launching the world’s first electric timepiece in 1957 and first LED digital watch in 1970. A member of the Swatch Group, the global leader in watch manufacturing and distribution, Hamilton combines its American spirit with true Swiss precision.

A Swiss national, Vivian Stauffer obtained his master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale of Lausanne. An outdoor enthusiast, he is an experienced pilot and also enjoys free skiing, mountain biking and hiking. He began his career at Swatch, a brand of the Swatch Group, in 2002, where he spent five years as a member of their sport and sales team.

In 2007, he joined Hamilton as Regional & Travel Retail Sales Manager and acted as Brand Manager of Switzerland between 2010 and 2013. Also appointed as Head of Sales in 2011, he developed and implemented the international sales and distribution strategy for 24 subsidiaries and 40 distributors around the world. He opened the first Hamilton boutiques in Japan and Switzerland and spearheaded Hamilton’s growth in China as interim brand manager for a year and a half.

Hamilton CEO since 2020, he oversees the brand’s global strategy and development in over 75 countries.