Angie Ruan

Senior Vice President, Global Technology

 One of the best things about being at Nasdaq is that the learning opportunity is tremendous.

When Angie Ruan, an experienced technologist and entrepreneur, joined Nasdaq in 2018, she was excited about how much the company valued innovation and enabled technologists like herself to make an impact on the organization and the world.

As the Senior Vice President of Technology at Nasdaq, Angie leads technology execution and strategy for Nasdaq’s Market Technology and Corporate Solutions business groups. Angie says that the trust placed in her since she joined has helped her learn a lot.

“One of the best things about being at Nasdaq is that the learning opportunity is tremendous. Over the past two years, I’ve learned more here than I have anywhere else,” Angie said.

During her tenure, Angie has expanded her knowledge of technology, including advancements in Cloud computing, SaaS platforms, and machine learning, while also creating a meaningful impact on Nasdaq and its clients. “What’s unique about working at Nasdaq is that not only do we use technology to meet our own business needs, but we also work directly with all our amazing listed companies and learn from the best of the best in the industry,” she said.

As a leader at the firm, Angie is often able to reflect on her and her team’s work, recognizing their many contributions. “There is so much teamwork and commitment among business units. When we reflect on our work, we are so shocked because we’ve been able to do so much. It is not just one incredible moment – it’s a regular [occurrence] at Nasdaq.”

Angie was also featured as one of Nasdaq’s Women in Tech, highlighting her leadership and role in creating the systems necessary for the functioning of the firm’s internal operations, products and services. Angie also commented that while it’s important to recognize the accomplishments of women, what’s amazing about Nasdaq is that your value is not just attributed to your gender, but instead who you are as a person, what you contribute and the value you create.

“I have to say at Nasdaq, I am recognized as a leader first – a leader that happens to be a woman,” Angie said. “Recently, I hired a VP of Engineering, and she happened to be a woman. We tried to find the best candidate, and that person happened to be a woman! I think that kind of mentality makes women in tech feel really proud.”

In the future, Angie hopes to continue helping transform Nasdaq’s technology architecture, and dreams of being part of the journey to make Nasdaq not only the best technology for capital markets, but also the best in class when it comes to modern technology for future new markets.

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